University of Graz and Chamber of Arbitration of Milan

I have been a professor of arbitration law at the University of Graz since 2014. In 2017, I was appointed a member of the Council of the Chamber of Arbitration of Milan (Camera Arbitrale Milano).

Lectures and conferences

In addition to the lectures and seminars I have held at the University of Graz from 2014 to-date, I have frequently lectured at arbitral institutions and private seminar events, such as ICC Austria, ICC Deutschland, R.U.S.T. or the Swiss Arbitration Academy. I also regularly act as a (co)-organiser of conferences. The following is a list of my lectures from 2010 to-date.

  • June 2019: “Artificial Intelligence and New Technologies in Construction Arbitration”, Centre for Construction Law and Dispute Resolution, King’s College (London).
  • May 2019: “Das ‘Berufsbild’ des Schiedsrichters und der Weg zum ‘Schiedsrichterberuf'”, Joint Seminar by the Universities of Hanover and Graz (Graz).
  • March 2019: “Adaptation of Contracts by Arbitral Tribunals”, Joint Seminar by Lomonosov State University and Russian Arbitration Centre, together with Milos Ivkovic (Moscow).
  • January 2019: “Neue Technologien in der Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit”, 3. Salzburger Schiedsgerichts-Dialog (Salzburg).
  • January 2019: “Setting Aside of Awards  –  The Jurisdiction and Practice of the Austrian Supreme Court and the New Hungarian Act from the Perspective of another Model Law Country”, Joint Seminar of Eötvös Loránd University, the Hungarian Ministry of Justice and the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Budapest).
  • November 2018: “Arbitration in the Digital Age 2.0” (interactive online Seminar).
  • October 2018: “Technology and Innovation in International Arbitration”, Dutch Arbitration Day (Amsterdam).
  • September 2018: “M&A Schiedsverfahren”, Joint Seminar VIAC and University of Graz (Graz).
  • June 2018: “New Trends in Institutional Rules – An Italian Perspective”, CILS Arbitration Symposium (Salzburg).
  • May 2018: „Zur Bedeutung der IBA Guidelines on Party Representation in International Arbitration“, joint seminar by the Universities of Hanover and Graz (Seeshaupt / Lake Starnberg).
  • April 2018: “La redazione delle clausole arbitrali”, ARBIMEDIA (Turin).
  • March 2018: “Arbitration in the Digital Age – Challenges for Counsel and Arbitrators”, X Belgrade Arbitration Conference (Belgrade).
  • Jan. 2018: “Sonderfragen erbrechtlicher Schiedsverfahren”, Bar Association of Salzburg (Salzburg).
  • Nov. 2017: “Il centro arbitrale della Camera austriaca dell’economia (VIAC) – caratteristiche e vantaggi”, VIAC (Triest and Padua).
  • 2017: “Kriterien für Kostenersatz”, Dreiländer-Konferenz 2017 (Zurich).
  • 2017: „Justiziable Materien vor dem Schiedsgericht“, Bar Association of Salzburg (Salzburg).
  • 2017: “Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit: Nutzen und Vorteile für steirische Unternehmen”, Bar Association of Styria and VIAC (Graz).
  • 2016: “Independence and Impartiality of Arbitrators and Experts”, Lecture at the University of Wurzburg (Wurzburg).
  • 2016: “Enforcement of arbitration awards”, 5th DIS Baltic Arbitration Days (Riga).
  • 2016: “Is there a place for mediation during arbitral proceedings and what is its role?”, UNCITRAL-LAC (Ljubljana).
  • 2016: “Document Production and Discovery: What Can Be Added to the Classic Discussion?”, YACF (Helsinki).
  • 2015: “(Internationales) Erbrecht: Aktuelle Reformen und Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit” (Graz).
  • 2015: “Die Besetzung von Schiedsgerichten zwischen Parteiautonomie und Rechtsstaatlichkeit” (Graz).
  • 2015: “The Interplay between the Contractual Expert and the Arbitral Tribunal in Price Adjustment Arbitrations”, CEPANI/VIAC (Brussels).
  • 2015: “Jurisdiction of the ICC Emergency Arbitrator and Prerequisites for Interim Relief”, Lomonossov Pre-Moot (Moscow).
  • 2015: Inhouse Seminar “Außergerichtliche Streitbeilegung” at a non-Austrian packaging manufacturer.
  • 2014: “Expert Conferencing”, Croatian Arbitration Days (Zagreb).
  • 2014: “The New Vienna Rules”, Swiss Arbitration Academy (Neuchâtel).
  • 2014: “Schiedsverfahren aktuell: Verbesserungen und Stolpersteine”, RuSt 2014 (Rust).
  • 2014: “Drafting the Award”, Swiss Arbitration Academy (Zürich).
  • 2014: “Independence and Impartiality of Arbitrators”, CILS Seminar (Salzburg).
  • 2014: “Streitbeilegung im internationalen Kontext”, ARS annual conference International Claim Management (Vienna).

Membership in arbitral institutions and associations

Ongoing contacts with colleagues from the arbitration community are a privilege and an excellent basis for good collaboration with colleagues in a spirit of trust and confidence.

  • ASA Swiss Arbitration Association
  • arbaut Österreichische Vereinigung für Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit
  • Chamber of Arbitration of Milan
  • DIS German Institution of Arbitration
  • ICC Austria Nominations Committee
  • ICC Commission on Arbitration and ADR
  • ICC Task Force on Maximizing the Probative Value of Witness Evidence
  • ICC Task Force on Emergency Arbitrator Proceedings